HBJ Movie #003 Ace Motorcycle / 徳山公俊

2012.7.15(SUN)に神戸国際展示場で開催された「2012 NEW ORDER CHOPPER SHOW 7th」にて3台の車両を出展したAce Motorcycle徳山公俊。地元神戸のNEW ORDER CHOPPER SHOW以外のカスタムショーには、ここ数年出展していないAceであるが、シーンでの存在感、その影響力は増すばかりである。その証として、今期NEW ORDER CHOPPER SHOWでは出展ビルダーにより選ばれるKing of Chopper「Builders Choice」を1969XLCHで受賞し、Aceの存在感を遺憾なく発揮。そこでビルダー徳山公俊に今回のショーの印象に加え、アワードマシン1969XLCHと1947ELについて話しを伺った。

Ace Motorcycle

HBJ Movie #003 Ace Motorcycle Kimitoshi Tokuyama

Ace Motorcycle Kimitoshi Tokuyama who displayed three vehicles by "2012 NEW ORDER CHOPPER SHOW 7th" held by 2012.7.15 (SUN) in the Kobe international exhibition hall. To custom-made show other than NEW ORDER CHOPPER SHOW of local Kobe, although it is here Ace which has not been displayed in several years, the presence in a scene and its influence just increase.

As the proof, by NEW ORDER CHOPPER SHOW, King of Chopper "Builders Choice" chosen by the exhibition builder is awarded by 1969XLCH, and the presence of Ace is demonstrated this term that there is nothing with regret. Then, in addition to this Shaw's impression, Kimitoshi Tokuyama was asked about the talk about award machine 1969XLCH and 1947EL.

HBJ Movie #003 Ace Motorcycle Kimitoshi Tokuyama


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